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1 Ace Security Ltd is a training and manned, physical and systems security provider offering excellent quality for money. As security and logistics is our main area of emphasis thus we take special measures to tailor timings so that they can match your convenience.

We provide SIA compliant security training across venues in the uk through affiliates and associates. Our prices are comparative , the benefit you would have choosing us is that  you shall get your results in the least possible time so that you can apply for your sia license without any delay, after all your aim is to get licensed and make money, we realize your needs.

Security training courses being offered are:

What is the best combination of qualifications in security

The reason why we say so is because there are so many people with sia security license but what is your unique selling point that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, security companies need people with varying qualifications and they need you to be dynamic. For instance if they are sending you to a venue where there is requirement of a security guard and cctv operator they might send 7 guards and 2 cctv operators, if the guards they are sending also have cctv license it makes their job easy.

You would definitely get more chances for employment at higher hourly contract rates if you are dynamic, thus it is good idea that you should have multiple qualifications e.g door supervisor plus cctv.


Training & Qualifications - Who Does What? (Benchmarking SIA Website)

Several different types of organisation are involved in the creation and delivery of SIA-endorsed qualifications.


  • Sets competency standards and specifies qualifications for licensing. Part of our responsibility for front line applicants is to define the skills and knowledge appropriate for an individual to start work. The SIA owns these core competency specifications and retains responsibility for their future development.
  • Endorses awarding organisations who wish to offer its qualifications, in conjunction with the qualification regulation authorities
  • Issues licences based on competency, probity and identification
  • Is responsible for the overall quality assurance of the licensing process
  • Consults regularly with stakeholders to ensure that standards and qualifications meet the needs of the industry and continue to raise standards of competence and professionalism

The Qualification Regulation Authorities

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (OFQUAL) operate in England, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) operates in Scotland and the Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DELLS) operates in Wales. These bodies:

  • Set standards for qualifications
  • Accredit qualifications and place them within the National Qualifications Framework

Awarding Organisations

  • Develop qualifications and operate the examination system against the SIA specifications
  • Achieve QCA/SQA/DELLS accreditation and SIA endorsement
  • Approve training and assessment centres
  • Register candidates and provide evidence of their identity
  • Award the qualification and input data into the SIA qualifications database
  • Accredit prior learning and previous qualifications
  • Provide quality assurance of the assessment and qualification process

Only government-approved awarding organisations or chartered higher education institutions are able to apply to be endorsed to offer licence-linked qualifications. 

Training Providers

Training providers are responsible for delivering training courses that result in the qualifications required for an SIA licence.

Skills for Security

Skills for Security works with employers in the private security industry to improve standards of professionalism and access to security training and security qualifications for people employed in private security roles across the UK. Further information can be found on the Skills for Security website. The sub-sectors include those covered by the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and others from entry level right up to senior management.

Skills for Security and the SIA have developed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' that defines the roles and responsibilities of each organisation and outlines how the two will work together.



We are delivering Sia compliant security courses through affiliates and associates across venues in the uk, delivering training courses, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in Birmingham, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in Manchester, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in London, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in leeds, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in Glasgow, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in luton, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in Halifax, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in oxford, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in Cambridge.


We have our flag ship venue in London from where we operate , we have numerous venues across London to deliver door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course. door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in ilford, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in romford, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in central London, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in southall, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in reading, door supervisor course cctv course security guarding course in hayes. 


SIA Badge

Sia badge is the badge that you get once you have completed the mandatory training for a particular type of license that you require. There are certain licensable activities for which you require to hold a license from sia. That sia badge will be granted to you provided you have complete the requisite sia training for any one of the licensable activities say door supervisor, security guard, cctv, close protection, key holding, cash valuables in transit. The normal training time for SIA badge is 3 to four days depending upon the licensable activity you choose to work in.

Get SIA License

In order for you to qualify for an SIA licence you need to complete training in any of the field of your intrest e.g door supervisor, security guard, cctv etc. once you have completed the sia course training the training provider will forward your results to the awarding body. If you qualify then the awarding body shall send your certificate for any of the sia courses you have been trained and assessed for for instance door supervisor, security guard, cctv etc.

How long it takes for SIA license

After you have done your training for door supervisor, security guard, cctv operator public space surveillance, cash and valuables in transit, key holding, close protection (body guard) , once you qualify it usually takes a week for your certificate to arrive, once your certificate arrives for any of the courses mentioned above you can apply for your sia license, infact you can apply for your sia badge even before that once your result has been published.

Physical intervention training

Generally people confuse it as a separate module, infact the physical intervention training is part of the door supervisor level 2 qualifications. Previously the door supervisors were not required to physical intervention training. In 2010 sia has made it mandatory that the door supervisors applying for the sia badge and license need to do the physical intervention training as well. Now a day’s all the sia door supervisor courses include the physical intervention or PI module. The door supervisors who will be renewing their SIA license would be required to undergo this additional module enabling them to qualify for the door supervisor license there of.   

What should i look in a course provider

In london you shall find a lot of course providers offering security compliant training in various security qualifications e.g door supervision, security guarding and like wise cctv etc, the question is who should you choose. You have to keep in mind your motivation to do the security course, obviously your motivation is to get your sia licence as soon as possible and once you get your sia badge your next step obiously is job hunting and making money. Here the right course provider kicks in cause if you go to someone with huge volumes of candidates there are likely chances that they might delay your security course certificate for a long time, so if your result is held by the awarding body thenit means that you will get late to apply for your sia licence, and obiously if you are delayed from applying for your sia licence after even you have gone the training it means that you shall require more time to get your sia badge and the more time it takes it means you shall be deprived of the possible money that you could have earned.

Entrance requirement for Security Courses

There are no formal entry requirements if you wish to do the security courses, however you should have a basic level of understanding and speaking english. Even if you are weak you can discuss with us and we can asses your suitability and we can work out a solution for you.

How about jobs in security

The security industry in the uk is quite vibrant and one of the fastest growing industry as for today in 2011 the industry is employing half million people and the number is likely to raise as public spending by the govt in the front line law enforcing agencies and services are bearing the blunt cut in the name of austerity and if you translate it in terms of employment in security , you should be able to analyse that there are likely chances the number of private security industry services is likely to increase taking a lot of policing work. Besides you can always work as a security operative keeping aside your main job and work part time, you are likely to get enough work due to huge demand. Need help about your security career click here

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