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Sia Door Supervisor Mock Exams

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Door Supervisor Mock Examination

SIA Door Supervisor Training Course

To work in any capacity in the security industry in UK you need to have the relevant security qualification after going through SIA compliant course from a training provider. Mostly people go for the door supervisor qualification at first once they entre the Security industry.

Need more information about door supervision

Duration 4 Days

(3 Days course not legal and approved read here)

SIA Door Supervisor Course Modules : book.png

Core Learning for Common Security Industry Knowledge

(10 hours of which 5 hours must be contact time) 

  • Session 1: Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry 
  • Session 2: Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative 
  • Session 3: Fire Safety Awareness
  • Session 4: Emergency Procedures 
  • Session 5: The Private Security Industry 
  • Session 6: Communication Skills and Customer Care

Working as a door supervisor (Specialist Module)

(10 Hours out of which 10 hours to be contact hours)

  • Session 1: Behavioural Standards 
  • Session 2: Civil and Criminal Law
  • Session 3: Searching
  • Session 4: Arrest
  • Session 5: Drugs Awareness
  • Session 6: Recording Incidents and Crime Preservation
  • Session 7: Licensing Law
  • Session 8: Emergency Procedures

Conflict Management Module

(8 hours of which 7 ½ hours must be contact time)

  • Session 1: Avoding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Session 2: Defusing Conflict
  • Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Session 4b: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Door Supervisors

Physical Intervention Skills Module

(10 hours of which 7 ½ hours must be contact time)

  • Session 1: Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Session 2: Disengagement Techniques
  • Session 3: Escorting Techniques


The role of the door supervisor

Door supervisors are security operatives working at licensed premises, for example bars, night clubs, hotels , restaurants and large events.

The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure customers have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment.

Attending training and passing the national qualification provides the minimum knowledge and understanding to start working as a door supervisor. Door supervisors must be licensed by the regulatory body for the UK security industry- the SIA Security industry authority.

Door supervisors main duties

Door supervisors are representing the licensed premises management. Door supervisors control entry and also maintain order within the premises. Door supervisors are also required to be good in customer care. A polite and professionals door supervisor leaves the customers satisfied thus wanting to return back

Door supervisor responsibilities

  • Controlling entry
  • Maintaining order
  • Helping customers
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • First aid
  • evacuation


What are types of SIA Licences

There are two types of SIA licences one is know as a front line licence the other one is know as the non front line licence. The door supervision licence is a front line licence that will enable you to work in the security industry as a door supervisor. 

When will i receive my training certificate

Once you have done your training and successfully passed the door supervisor course. Depending upon the awarding organization you should get your certificate within ten working days.

Is the door supervisor course easy

The level 2 award in door supervision is designed at the entry level thus if you can read write and speak English it should not be a problem for you to qualify in the door supervisor exam. Almost 99 percent of the learners manage to qualify in the first attempt. The learners who fail usually don't fail in the complete qualification, it may be just one odd module, and you can always resit that module.

Can a door supervisor work as security guard?

Yes a door supervisor can work as a normal security guard on the contrary a normal security guard cannot work as a door supervisor, as door supervisors need to work in licence premises. In order for him to work in a licence premises he needs to undergo the required training. 

How to become a door supervisor?

In order to work in the security industry in UK you need to have a sia badge or sia licence. How do you get the sia badge or license, well first of all you need to complete the mandatory training for the sia door supervisor course by any training provider. The sia door supervisor course is a four days course and all the modules mentioned above need to be covered. Once you have completed the above mentioned sia training for the door supervisor course you have to wait for your result for the door supervisor course. If you qualify for the door supervisor course then you can apply for your sia badge or sia licence.

Door supervisor or security guard?

In our opinion the door supervisor qualification is better and is good value for money that you spend. A door supervisor can do all the work that a normal security guard can do, but in addition to that he can also work in licensed premises, which include where alcohol is dealt with. Thus if you intend to join the security industry then we recommend that you do the sia door supervisor course rather than the security guard course. After all there would only be a difference of say 30 pounds, and yet the sia badge cost is the same. So think what is a wiser action. If you need advice or further help call 0208 144 8740 or mail at

How long it takes to get SIA licence?

After you have completed the training for the door supervisor course and you receive you certificate. You need to complete the sia application form available from sia website. Usually it would take anything between 3 to 4 week once you get your sia licence.

What documents do i need to do the door supervisor training

In order to do any sia linked qualification you would be required to show certain documents these documents have been divided in group A and and group B documents. If you have two documents from group A you do not need any other document. If you have one document from group A you would be required to have an additional two documents from group B. To have alook at the acceptable form of IDs to do the door supervision qualification follow the link documents required for door supervisor training

About the door supervisor course

The door supervisor course is spread over four days. In these four days the training provider will cover four modules which are working in the private security industry, working as a door supervisor, conflict management and physical intervention. The course is a QCF (qualification credit frame work) each module has its own credit value.

What if i fail the course

As said earlier the door supervisor course in its self is a fairly simple qualification which is designed at level 2. If you can speak, read and write English hopefully you should not have a problem with the qualification. As per our experience majority of the learners manage to qualify in the first attempt.


Offering SIA compliant security courses in london, door supervisor courses are being offered in london at various locations across greater london, catering for north, south east and west part of london. 

Who is a door supervisor

A door supervisor is a security operative working in private security industry of the united kingdom. A door supervisor needs an sia licence before he can work as a door supervisor. A door supervisor is a security operative who can work at licenced premesis. A licenced premesis is a place where alcohal is being dealt in any form may it be retail sale or serving. The most common place that a door supervisor can work is pubs and night clubs. It does not mean that a sia compliant door supervisor cannot work as a security guard, infact a security operative with a sia door supervisor licence can work as normal secuirty guard on the contrary a normal secuirty guard cannot work as a door supervisor. In order for a secuirty operative having an sia licencse for secuirty guarding would have to get the sia qualification for a door supervisor and besides the security guard would also be required to get an sia licence for door supervision.

Where can i get the door supervisor qualification in London

You can choose any training provider to go with , you can choose us to help you with you sia door supervisor qualification. We are providing sia compliant security training courses at various venues across london and the uk. The sia door supervisor qualification takes four days to complete.

What is included in the sia door supervisor qualification

The training period for the sia door supervisor qualification is 4 days in these four days you shall be studying the following modules:

  • Working in the private security industry
  • Working as a door supervisor
  • Conflict management
  • Physical intervention

Where do i get my sia licence after training

Once you have completed your sia door supervisor course and physical intervention training with us at any venue in london or across uk, we shall provide you with the SIA application pack. We shall offer you help in filling the form and we can also help in Security jobs as well as we would also help you with your CV. Infact you can take our professional services for CV writing and interview mockups before you go for a job interview.

Door supervisor what is supposed to do

Besides providing security in the venue a door supervisor is responsible to ensure pre entry safety checks and ensure that the venue is safe to open and operate. A door supervisor is responsible that the customers have a enjoyable and safe experience. In london since being a finacial hub and london being the main driver for the UK economy, experiences a huge number of tourists and visitors through out the year. To cater for there needs there a lot of entertainment venues all across UK. You have to understand that tourist or any category of people goin in these venues are goin there for good time and enjoyment. For enjoyment obiously alcohal is used, thus in london there always huge demand for security operatives. 

Security Course London

We can offer sia compliant security courses any location any town in london. We currently are offering security training courses in london virtually in every town. We can come to you to dilever the courses and required training in london or as a matter of fact in any part of the UK. The only consideration would obiously be that the numbers should be feasible in terms of economics. Currently we are offering sia compliant security training courses for sia licence in london in every major town. However our area for concentration as regards to security training is east london and we are concentrating to provide cheapest possible rates and affordable prices for sia compliant security training courses to include door supervisor course in london, cctv course in london and security guard training course for sia licence in london. 


How do i become a door supervisor

In order for you to work as door supervisor first of all you need to complete the mandatory training as per the regulatory bodies requirement. Thus you need to take the door supervisor training course. The door supervisor course till to date that is 1/4/11 comprises of four modules. You are required to qualify in each module befor you can apply for your sia licencse.

Door Supervisor Training Venues

The training for door supervisor can be arranged at our venues or your venue as well till the time the compliance and regulatory requirements are met. Some of the venues for door supervisor training in London include door supervisor training in startford, forest gate, romford, essex, southall, wembley, croydon, city of london, walthamstow, ilford, barking, east ham, newham.


What is the difference between SIA security door supervisor and security guard ?

In nutshell the difference between a sia security door supervisor and a normal sia security guard is that a door supervisor can work in licensed premises where as a normal sia security guard cannot work in licensed premises. The next question would be what is a licensed premises, a licensed premises is a place where one deals with alcohol, sale, handling, serving distribution. A example of licensed premises could be night clubs and pubs etc. In nutshell a door supervisor with his sia security license can perform all the duties that a normal static security guard can do but he can also in addition work in licensed premesis.


What are the normal pay rates in the security industry?

The normal pay rate at start for a security guard is something near 7.50 GBP / Hr , for corporate security officers the rate is around 10 Gbp/Hr, for door supervisors the rate of pay is 11 to 15 Gbp/hr depending on your location where you are employed , depending on your experience within the security industry.


SIA Door Supervisor Licence

What course should i choose door supervisor or security guard training?

Choosing the right course once you decide to take up the security industry as profession is very important. People come to us saying that they want to do the security guarding course, we at first ace security always try to put you on the right path. Once a situation like this is encountered where a particular customer is asking to do a particular course for instance the SIA Security Guarding course we always endeavour to put them on the right track.

In the above mentioned situation we would recommend them to do the door supervisor Training rather than the security guarding course , there is a reason for this advice, the common arguments that the customer puts across are that he/she does not want to work in licensed premises.  But we explain to them irrespective of the fact that they want to work in a licensed premises’ or not still they should go with the door supervision course.

The reason is simple cause there is only a difference of 30 GBP in the price of both the sia security guard and sia door supervisor course , the price of a the SIA security industry authority license for both the door supervisor license and the security guarding license is the same, but a door supervisor in addition to doing his specific jobs i.e working in licensed premises can also work as a normal security guard and he does not need a sia security guard license, whereas a security guard if he decides to work as door supervisor he needs  a new license from sia for door supervisor thus paying again and in order to get that license he needs to go through the door supervisor course training again, so think logically what should you do. 


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