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The role of the door supervisor

Door supervisors are security personnel who work at licensed premises, for example, bars, pubs, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and large events. The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure customers have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment.

Attending and passing the National Door Supervisors studies means that you have the minimum knowledge and understanding to start work as a door supervisor. Door supervisors must be licensed by the regulatory body for the UK security industry the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Door supervisors are the representatives of the management t of licensed premises. Their primary job is to control entry and also maintain order inside the premises. Besides this they also have an important customer care role. A polite, professional door supervisor greatly contributes to the service customers receive. Customers will want to return to a venue where they can feel safe and can enjoy themselves.

Controlling entry by door supervisors

Door supervisors refuse entry to:

  • certain people 
  • certain items
  • Maintaining order

Door supervisors watch for behaviour inside the Premises that could: spoil the enjoyment of other customers threaten the safety of other customers put the venue's licence at risk

Other duties of door supervisors

  • helping customers 
  • health and safety 
  • first aid situations 
  • evacuation


The image of a door supervisor

A person's professional attitude is the feelings they have about their job. Professions demand a particular collection of characteristics from the people who choose to take on the work. All professionals are similar in that they are interested in their work and want to do a good job. A door supervisor's professional attitude cannot be understated as they work in the public eye and are responsible for people's safety.

A person's attitude influences their behaviour as well as the way they choose to dress and appear. Customers cannot see a door supervisor's attitude but they can certainly see the outward signs of their behaviour.

Door supervisors  behaviour & appearance

All door supervisors must know and obey the law to be able to do their job properly. A thorough understanding of how the law applies to their role allows a door supervisor to be more confident in front of the public

Occasionally door supervisors stop people from entering or ask customers to leave the licensed premises where they are working. A person who does not have permission to enter or stay on someone else's property commits a civil offence called trespass and may be asked to leave. As trespass is an offence under Civil Law, the offender cannot be arrested but can be removed from the premises. This is called eviction.

Members of the public can enter and remain on licensed premises by open invitation, but at any time this permission can be withdrawn by the property owner and/or their representatrves. At licensed premises the premises licence holder is usually the business owner, and the managers and door supervisors are their representatives working on their behalf. By representing the premises licence holder door supervisors help them keep their premises licence.

Customers are asked to leave if their behaviour becomes unacceptable, for example, they: commit a criminal offence, for example, assault, drugs offences, theft commit a licensing offence, for example, drunk and disorderly break a house rule f for example, having a glass bottle while on the dance floor ruin the enjoyment of other customers put other customers' safety at risk A door supervisor is also a representative of the team they are working with and should support them at all times. A team must be consistent in its decisions and approach to the venue. Teamwork cannot be underestimated and a consistent united team plays a largepartindeaUng with situations safely and effectively. A door supervisor also represents the venue, their security company and their profession as awhole.

The role requires maturity and self-discipline from a door supervisor who, for example, must remain alert for long periods of time in a stressful environment and not overreact when provoked during an incident.

Customers are more likely to treat door supervisors, their colleagues and the premises with respect if the door supervisors look smart,alert and conduct themselves in a friendly, professional manner.

It is important to show positive assertive behaviour. Assertive door. supervisors treat their customers fairly and with respect. Friendly and helpful door supervisors influence a customerls decision to enter in the first place, stay and then return to the venue on another occasion.

Door supervisors should not appear bored, impatient, hostile or display any other negative behaviour.

Aggressive behaviour could provoke a negative reaction from customers. Customers could complain or simply choose not to return to the venue on a future occasion.


Passive also negative behaviour. The door supervisor who displays passive behaviour might come across as having little control over their venue. This could mean the customers do not feel safe and therefore cannot enjoy themselves. With little control overthe venue, troublemakers might be 'encouraged'to cause trouble.

Friendly door supervisors set the tone (a standard) for their venue by establishing a rapport, a good working relationship, with their customers.

Some customers can, however, take advantage of friendships they have made with door supervisors and expect preferential treatment. This can lead to difficult situations if the other customers feel they are being treated unfairly.

The customer's first impression of a venue is the way the door supervisors look and the way they speak to them at the front entrance. A positive first impression will influence the customer's decision to come in or go elsewhere. A suitable tone for the evening is set when door supervisors meet and greet their customers in a friendly manner.

Even if a customer does not get chance to speak to the other door supervisors when inside the venue they will still have a favourable impression of them from the way they were spoken to at the front entrance. Authority figures,like door supervisors, can frighten some people but it is important customers can feel comfortable approaching them.

As well as being the first person from the venue whom the customer sees, a door supervisor is also the last personthey see as they leave the venue at the end of the evening. The door supervisor should again try to leave customers with a favourable impression of their venue and the profession as a whole. 

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