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SIA Door Supervisor, CCTV Security Guard Online License Application


SIA has previously introduced the online application portal for the door supervisor, CCTV security guarding and relevant sia licence application portal known as the E fill service. The purpose of the e fill service is to let the applicant fill the application form online, print it and dispatch it to SIA or ask SIA to do so. This will inevitably save the overall processing times for the SIA licenses. The sia license applicant however must ensure to sign it and send relevant documents with the forms for processing. List of security licencse relevant documents

The benefit of the SIA online security license application is that it will check your address electronically thus if successful eliminating the requirement to send proof of address documents. however if the address verification check is unsuccessful you would be required to send the proof of address documents.

If you have previously submitted a licence application your online form will be pre-populated with the details you provided. You can accept those details or edit them, so you won't have to enter all of the information again.

When you have filled in the form you will have the option to either:

  • Self Print - print a paper copy of the form on your own printer, or;
  • Print at SIA - ask us to print it and then post it to you.

You will not be able to print the form until you have answered all of the mandatory questions (the ones marked in red). This will lower the chances of your application being rejected as incomplete.

You must then:

  • Sign and date the declaration section
  • Get your counter-signatory to sign and date Section C (and provide their details if you haven't already done so)

You can then post the form back to SIA, enclosing:

  • a counter-signed photograph ;
  • supporting identification documents (where required );
  • payment (if paying by cheque, banker's draft or postal order)